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Weaning Has Been Really Stressing Me Out (13th December 2020)

Me holding B (whose face is concealed by Photoshop manipulation) who is pulling my left cheek.
Weaning Has Been Really Stressing Me Out (13th December 2020)

I wrote this on 13th December 2020.


I originally said B’s spiral of hair on the back of her head. I just search engined for the correct term and hair whorl came up, though I do know it as a crown. Hair whorl is different though…

(I experimented with different ways to cover her face and I liked this method the best.)

#ButIRealisedPrettyQuicklyThatItWouldBeDifficult #IWillTryAgainWhenSheGetsBetterAtSittingMoreIndependently

They do say don’t work with babies and animals…

It will be a lot easier to do when she can sit up by herself better. I can just take pictures of her without the faff of trying to hold her and take the picture at the same time.


It passed some of our playtime, we had some quality time together and I felt less stressed once I had done the shoot.

#IHaveBeenFeelingBetter #IHadAFewNightsOfJustFeelingCrummyAndNotWantingToDoAnyWork #IWasJustGettingIntoBedEarlyAndReadingMariaVonTrappsBiography #IProbablyJustNeededToRestABitButNowIFeelALotBetter

There is some language in the book that is a bit un-PC/non-PC, but it is interesting learning more about the true/extended story of the Sound of Music (we watched it two weeks ago).

#WeaningHasBeenReallyStressingMeOut #IDidNotRealiseHowEasyIHadItWithBreastfeedingAndFormulaFeeding #ButISeemToHaveSolvedThisProblemByThinkingAheadABitMoreMakingBiggerBatchesAndFreezingFood

Feeding suddenly went from not being that stressful to being super stressful. I still feel a little overwhelmed about it all (so many foods left for her to try/making sure she gets a balanced mix of things), but making more and freezing more is definitely a good idea.

#IAlsoWasGettingStressedOutByHavingToMakeFoodInTheMorningSoIJustUsedABabyPorridgePouchForACoupleOfDays #YesterdayIMadeABatchOfCarrotPorridgeWithMyMum #IMightJustStartMakingMoreAndEatItMyselfForBreakfastToo

It will be better when she starts just having a variation of our meals. I do need to sit down and meal plan and make sure we’re eating a good variety of foods throughout the week.

#ItIsNiceSeeingMyMumMore #SheTookUsToTheSupermarketAgainThisWeek #ItShowsHowBoringMyLifeIsWhenITalkAboutGoingToTheSupermarketLikeItIsAHighlightOfMyWeek #WellMaybeItWasAHighlight

The days are so long and I worry that B is not entertained enough, so it was nice to go to a supermarket and do something different. This time I carried her in a carrier, so she was more chilled.


I’m currently eating scrambled egg on toast with some asparagus on the side – B has some asparagus to try later.

#IAmStartingToGetIntoCookingABitMoreThoughAsIWantBToEatHealthyFood #IDoNotReallyWantToGiveHerPouchesButTheyAreAGoodBackupToHaveForLazyDays #BIsNowEating3FoodMealsADaySoThatIsALotOfFoodToSortOut #IJustTriedToGetHerPouchesOfFoodThatWillBeMoreAnnoyingToDoAtHome

There’s no point getting pouches of carrot, when it’s cheaper to buy a kilo of them and you just boil them…

Making food for B is a good way to use up random bits of veg too, and then putting other leftover veg in soups.

#WeWentToABabyClassThisWeek #IFeelLikeIAmSoBadAtTalkingToPeopleInRealLife #IThinkIJustSayReallyAnnoyingThingsAndIGetSoExcitedAboutTalkingToSomeoneThatIJustKeepTalking #AndOftenIDoNotHaveTimeToAskAQuestionBackAsTheClassStartsOrSomething #INeedToJustCalmDownAndTalkLessAboutMyself

I blame the pandemic, but maybe my ‘people skills’ have always been bad. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say, so I find it easier to talk about myself and hope that the person will jump in on something that relates to them. They probably just think that I’m trying to show off or that I am annoying though…

We’ve got one more class before Christmas. We’ve been to that group a couple of times, but annoyingly it’s the furthest away and so the people who go don’t live close to us.

It’s raining outside at the moment and the bad weather annoys me more than not having lots of people to meet and talk to during the day. The day I felt better coincided with a long walk to our class though in nicer weather. I can’t wait for winter to be over.

#BGotGivenAPieceOfFoilInClassAndSheLovesItAsItIsSoNoisy #IThinkForChristmasSheWillBeGettingACardboardBoxWithASpaceBlanketInIt

It’s funny seeing her next to all her toys and she’s the happiest playing with a bit of space blanket.

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