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Failing At Trying To Imitate B Rolling Over, But Having A Good Workout (9th January 2021)

Failing At Trying To Imitate B Rolling Over, But Having A Good Workout (9th January 2021)

#WellNanEndedUpGettingAVaccineTheDayAfterMyLastEntry #SheGotACallInTheMorningAndSheWentToGetItACoupleOfHoursLater

Hurrah. She also saw one of her sisters who must have been getting the second jab as she had got a phone call about the first only a couple of days after they became available.

#ThatIsAReliefAsBeforeTheLockdownSheWasGoingOutToShopsALotAsSheWasSoBored #IWasWorriedThatIfSheCaughtCovidWeWouldGetBlamed

You know the story – Nan gets Covid after her Granddaughter and her family move in and fingers get pointed. Obviously she can still get it, but hopefully if she does it will not be that bad. At this moment in time Tiago just goes out to the supermarket (though his car is broken at the moment).

#MostOfOurBabyClassesHaveBeenPostponedThoughOneHasMovedOnline #TheyHaveClassesEveryWeekDayAndWeCanGoToAsManyAsWeWant #IThinkIWillTryToAttendOneEverydayAsThereIsNotMuchElseToDoAndBHadAReallyGoodNapAfterOneYesterday

In the morning I have generally been doing old YouTube classes, so it’s nice to have some ‘fresh content’. Plus it’s a music class so that’s always fun.


In Liverpool when I was doing them I was just stressed as the timing of classes never seemed right and I guess B was younger so we would not often get through them.


They are supposed to be setting up WhatsApp groups for the class, though like I said in my previous post I am not great with them. The one we ‘went to’ yesterday was not our local class, but I guess I am more open-minded about the whole thing. In Liverpool it just seemed like I would never meet any of the women in real life – to be fair I only met a few and that was because I knew them from elsewhere.


She is not ready to drop it yet, but I know that it can happen around 7 months.


She has rolled over here and there occasionally, but now I put her down and the floor and she rolls pretty quickly.

#SomeFriendsWereTalkingAboutHowTheirBabiesAreRollingOverInTheirCotsAndSleepingOnTheirFronts #ISaidThatBDidNotKnowHowToRollOverInHerCotButTheSameDaySheStartedToDoIt

Of course.

#ThoughSheGenerallyScreamsAfterSheDoesItSoIHaveToPutHerBackOnHerBack #ButThenSheKeepsDoingIt #IAmLikeIfYouDoNotLikeItSoMuchThenWhyDoYouKeepDoingIt


#TheOtherNightSheDidNotGoToSleepInHerCotForAnHourAsSheKeptRollingOver #IReadThatTheyJustWantToPracticeTheirNewSkillsSoYesterdayIMadeHerRollOverLots #SheTookAboutHalfAnHourToSettleInsteadSoHopefullyTonightItWillBeQuicker

Hoping for 15 minutes or less, but I am guessing it will be 2 hours now I’ve said that…


I’m not sure if she has ever rolled to her right? I try to encourage her to do it, but she does not seem bothered.


Roll to the right, and roll back. Let’s see.

#IForgotToMentionThatBTriedFishForTheFirstTimeLastWeek #SheSeemedToLikeItThoughIDoNotLikeHavingToFeedItToHer #IUsuallyCheckTheTemperatureOfHerFoodALotAndIDoNotWantToCheckItIfThereIsFishInIt

I did make Tiago feed it to her as I was a bit grossed out, though I did try again the next day. Sometimes I think it’d be easier if we all just ate the same thing, but I don’t think I can face the idea of eating fish yet.


She had been waking up a lot at night and I thought it was due to hunger, but the last couple of nights she has slept better. So maybe it was just due to the rolling and teething? Though this morning she woke up at 5am, and we were still trying to get her to go back to sleep at 5.30am so we decided to start the day. It’s nearly 7am, so hopefully she’ll have a nap soon and I’ll have one too.


I really like the recipes that are in Joe Wicks’s Wean In 15.

#MyNanKeepsSayingIShouldGiveBIceCreamSoIDoNotKnowWhyIWorrySoMuch #AsFromWhatSheSaysItSeemsLikeBabiesInThePastWereJustGivenWhateverAndTurnedOutOkay #SheAlsoSaidToPutAPillowInBsCotToStopHerTurningOver #YouAreNotSupposedToPutAnythingInBabiesCotsBesidesBedSheetsUntilTheyAre12Months

My Nan raised some of her siblings and two of her own kids, and the rules/guidelines have obviously changed a lot. Though some things I am not sure if she just says them for the sake of it.

When my older sister was born in 1986 people were advised to put their babies to sleep on their front, but by the time I was born in 1988 people were told that it was better for their babies to sleep on their backs.

Rules/guidelines changed, but so many people survived these things that are considered bad for babies now. I’m not saying I’m putting B to sleep on her front now (like I said she hates it), but I get so worried about B when she probably eats better than a lot of adults…

I’m keeping a mood diary now and I think it is helping me reflect on my emotions and feelings better. It’s early days though, so we’ll see. I think hormones play a big part in it all.

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