(Dragon Fruit &) Cut To Finger (7 and a half weeks)

This is a post about the fifth image from my series Waiting For Things In A Time When You Rarely Wait For Things where I documented my pregnancy from October 2019 to June 2020.

(Dragon Fruit &) Cut To Finger (7 and a half weeks)

#SoInMyUlteriorMonologueProjectThereIsAPictureOfMyHandsHoldingADragonFruitWithABloodyFinger #TheReasonWhyUlteriorMonologueIsCalledThatIsBecauseIWroteHashtagsLikeThese
#AndThisWasTheWorstTime #SoInTheHashtagsThatAccompanyTheDragonFruitPictureIfIHadFeltAbleToTalkAboutMyPregnancyIWouldHaveTalkedAboutBeingMoreClumsyThanNormal
#ThinkingAboutBeingPregnantAndNotBeingAbleToBelieveItProbably #SoIHadStartedThisProjectButIWasStillWorkingOnUlteriorMonologueAsIDidNotWantToStopPostingStuff #ButIRealisedThatINeededToTalkAboutBeingPregnant
#ButIBoughtSomeTimeOnInstagramByPostingArchivePictures #WhichIHadThoughtAboutDoingForAWhileButItGaveMeTheTimeToDoItAsILetMyPregnancyProgress #IThinkItAnnoyedALotOfPeopleByJustPostingArchiveStuff

Ulterior Monologue

Usually I show outtakes, but the Waiting… one is pretty much an outtake from my series Ulterior Monologue, so instead here is the chosen picture for that project and the accompanying hashtags.

Dragon Fruit & Cut To Finger

#SoTodayMeAndTWereOutInTown #IWasFeelingRelaxedAndNotFeelingBadForTakingABreak
#ThenIGotShatOnByABird #GuessingItWasAPigeonAsItWasOneOfThoseSmallStreetsWherePigeonsHangAbout #AndItWasMassiveAndGrossAllOverOneSideOfMyCoat
#AndIHateWashingMyHairInTheWinter #ButIWasLikeAtLeastItWasNotFullOnMyHeadAsItCouldHaveEasilyBeen #AndTWipedItOffWithATissue #SoItCouldHaveBeenWorseAndIThoughtIsBirdShitSupposedToBeLuckyOrSomething #WhichIsObviouslyJustWhatSomeoneInventedToMakeThemselfOrSomeoneElseFeelBetter
#ThenAtHomeTWasMakingDinnerAndPuttingItOutOnPlates #WhichWereOnTheHobAsWeNeverSeemToHaveEnoughCounterSpace #ThenAPlateJustCracked #TurnedOutHeHadTurnedTheHobOnAccidentallyAndItHeatedUpThePlateAndItCracked #ItWasOneOfTwoBigPlatesThatWeOwn #AsIGotALotOfMyDadsParentsKitchenStuffWhenIWentToUni #AndIHaveManagedToKeepThemSafeSince2007ButNeverMind #TIsLuckyThatHeDidNotGetInjuredByItCrackingAsItWasLoudAndFlungApartABit #HeWasNotSureAboutEatingSomeOfTheFoodButIWasLikeAPlateDoesNotSplinter #ThenWhenIWasDoingTheWashingUpIGotABitOfPlateSplinterStuckInMyFingerDidINot #IWasPlanningToPhotographMyselfWithTheDragonFruitThatTBoughtYesterday #EvenThoughIDoNotThinkWeHaveEatenOneBeforeAndDoNotKnowWhatToDoWithIt #ButTSaidHeWantedToEatItTodayAndIWantedAPhotographWithItAsItIsUnusualToMeAnyways
#ToSomeoneElseItProbablyLooksAsOrdinaryAsAnAppleDoesToMe #ButIThoughtItWasGoingToBeABoringPhoto #AndItIsButTheBigBitOfTissueOverTheCutOnTheSideOfMyFingerFromTheCeramicSplinterHasJazzedItUpATinyBit
#WellIAmHopingThatIsOur3ThingsOfBadLuckForTheWeek #AndIFound4OfThePlatesOnEbayForAGoodPriceSoNowWeWillHave5NormalSizedDinnerPlates


So as I explained in my Animal Hats & Cramps post, there was a bit of an overlap between Waiting… and my previous project (Ulterior Monologue). Reading the hashtags for the top image too I realise that I talk about it a bit there too.

(‘#SoIHadStartedThisProjectButIWasStillWorkingOnUlteriorMonologueAsIDidNotWantToStopPostingStuff #ButIRealisedThatINeededToTalkAboutBeingPregnant

I announced my pregnancy on social media when I was 20 weeks and it was starting to become obvious in my dance videos/I got bored of hiding my bump under big jumpers. I definitely bought some time, but was relieved when my archive posts were over.

Anyways, I did a photoshoot around a dragon fruit and cutting my finger, and in the UM hashtags I talk about 3 bad/unlucky things that happened that day. This includes getting a bit of plate stuck in my finger which is why I have tissue wrapped around my finger, though I didn’t talk about my recent (increased) clumsiness.

I talk about how I think it was due to my mind being elsewhere, though it speaks about accidental knife cuts rather than the injury being from the plate splinter. (When I first started to write this post I also thought the need for a tissue was from a knife cut). I wrote the hashtags when I was preparing to post the project on Instagram and decided to add the photo in – I wanted to post them in chronological order so it made sense to decide early on if I wanted to include an image from this shoot.

I vaguely remember writing them as I wasn’t sure whether or not to use the term ‘baby brain’. I really don’t like it, though I think me being distracted by daydreaming about being pregnant and becoming a mother is what probably led to me getting the injury. I like to think that I was pretty ‘with it’ after this incident, so when on a few occasions people accused me of being baby brained when I wasn’t I was annoyed…

(Okay, yesterday I walked into the living room to get the dummy that Tiago asked for and walked back into the bedroom with a tube of nipple cream. In my defence I walked there – the whole 5m – wondering if I should put some nipple cream on… I think this says a lot about not getting enough sleep/being sleepy. If a guy does something forgetful after becoming a father is he accused of having baby brain? Probably not.)

I prefer the UM image more though it wasn’t a favourite and it wouldn’t have fit in Waiting… I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the shoot, but I like playing around with hands and arms so it makes sense that I did something a little odd – the hand that isn’t holding the dragon fruit is definitely a bit weird. I think I took the Waiting one for myself as it has that pregnancy feel to it; a classic light touch to the belly, but nicely concealed. I definitely wouldn’t have put it in UM.

I could have perhaps been more inventive with the title of the Waiting image – (Dragon Fruit &) Cut To Finger (7 and a half weeks), whereas the UM one is Dragon Fruit & Cut To Finger. However I like that the similar titles tie the two images together as if you saw them side by side you wouldn’t necessarily think that they were from the same shoot – you’d probably just think ‘wow she’s clumsy’ if you knew that they were both pictures of me.

I think that’s about it.

I feel like talking about the whole project is a bit of an undertaking, but I’m determined to do it! 5 down, 79 to go!

My fear is that no one is reading these and I’m spending a lot of time/energy doing this blog, but I guess an audience doesn’t grow overnight.

I’m also awkward about promoting my posts across all my social media sites. The other week I wrote about how I would be better at promoting my work, but I still feel like I am bothering people. A lot of people use social media to promote their stuff and I’m sure there’s a good amount of people who don’t feel weird about it, and I don’t feel awkward for them so why do I for myself? That’s something that I can possibly post about more in the future…

Thanks for reading!

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