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I Feel Like I Am Definitely A Changed Person – I Am Wearing Cleaning Gloves (1st July 2020)

I Feel Like I Am Definitely A Changed Person – I Am Wearing Cleaning Gloves (1st July 2020) I
I Feel Like I Am Definitely A Changed Person – I Am Wearing Cleaning Gloves (1st July 2020) II
I Feel Like I Am Definitely A Changed Person – I Am Wearing Cleaning Gloves (1st July 2020) III


Tiago keeps asking me how many people are reading it. I have analytics, but I haven’t really been looking as this is a good diary for myself. I do hope that other people like it though and that things I share might be useful/reassuring.

#MyMainReasonForSettingItUpWasToShareMyBirthStoryAndBreastfeedingExperience #AsAfterGettingHomeFromHospitalMyFirstThoughtWasToTrainAsABreastfeedingSpecialist #IFeelLikeIHadNotHeardHowHardItWasUntilIHadBAndHadProblems

I talked about our story (so far) with feeding a lot in this post.

The feeling to train as a breastfeeding specialist has passed a little, but I think it is because this blog is keeping me so occupied.


I have called the doctors for B 3 times now; once for her eye and twice for her skin. Since they’re all phone consultations first it’s so easy and less stressful than getting ready and going out all masked up. I’ve just had to send photos so they can see, but once they said I could come in if I wanted. We didn’t go but she’s been to the doctors for jabs, then her 8 week check-up, and she’s also had a hospital appointment for her feet. She was referred for her feet and hips when she was born, which were both because she was breech. We’re so lucky to have the NHS. (Yes, we need to protect it.)

A health visitor is coming to see us this week for the first time. She’s called at least once before, but this will be the first time meeting her face to face. Pre-Covid we would have already met her, and I think she would have come at around 6 weeks. B is nearly 9 weeks old.

I can imagine that it’s weird for people with a newborn who had a baby in non-Covid times previously. We currently only know about parenting during a pandemic, but I think we’re doing quite well.

My Mum and older sister got a lot of messages asking for help/advice in the early days, and a WhatsApp group of new mums that I’m part of is super useful for sharing and comparing. So thanks to all of them for their help!


Before B was born we thought we had everything we needed and then we just bought SO MUCH STUFF. I think opening packaging, removing tape and flattening boxes didn’t help my hands. I stopped using the gloves a few weeks ago (so yeah it didn’t last long). I need to get to it though as I am starting to hand wash more clothing (hello sour milk bibs) and my hands feel quite dry now. In B’s pushchair organiser I keep a bottle of hand sanitiser and a tube of hand cream…

#TheFeedingPlanChangesEveryday #TodayWeWillTryBottlefeedingHerDuringTheDaySoICanBreastfeedHerDuringTheNight

Again, I talk about this a lot in this post, but breastfeeding is definitely going better. I think my nipples are starting to harden up a bit (hurrah) and it really is easier just breastfeeding her in the night.

We are still bottle-feeding her a little in the evening so it’s easier to give her her vitamin D and so Tiago can spend more time with her.

Yesterday we went out for dinner and it was the first time that she’d been awake during a meal. She was super chill and the service was slow, which was great as it gave us time to go through her routine. Tiago changed her nappy as I was a bit nervous about doing it (because of Covid – I’ve been avoiding public toilets), but it was great as the men’s and women’s toilets both had nappy changing facilities. I’ve only breastfed once so far in public, so I need to work on that. Last night we both just fed her with a bottle.


This was a bit of a sore mistake. I was really into my dancing as well, though I was nervous about holding her head and making sure she was okay. She was awake a bit in the beginning then fell asleep…

Here’s one of the videos (I made 5):

Love this song. I loved it more once I found out it was to do with his baby and wondering what they thing about things. I wonder ‘what does B think about?’ all the time.


This is also why you see a bit of bum (sorry). In the first pictures of the shoot I was just pulling my top down over my pants, and in these I think I am pushing my top down a bit with the gloves.

I like not changing my clothes for shoots now as it’s more authentic/honest. I’m usually just sat at home in my underwear or with no leggings/trousers on as it’s too hot, but it must have been a bit cooler this day. I keep a dressing gown by the door just in case it’s needed, though I actually haven’t had to use it in a while.

Here are all 3 photos side by side (if you are reading this on a big enough screen).

One probably would have been enough to illustrate it, but I like all 3 and they show quite well how I do shoots and the adjustments I make with my poses. Shame I’m not in exactly the same position in the first one like I am in the other two, but I didn’t think at the time that I’d be choosing 3 images.

To end the post I thought I should comment on the title of the images – I Feel Like I Am Definitely A Different Person – I Am Wearing Cleaning Gloves.

I feel like I have changed so much since giving birth and I took these pictures less than a month after she was born. I’ve always been fairly messy, but I definitely like things to be tidier and more organised these days.

I need to do a post/picture on all the ways that I have changed, but this was one small thing (wearing gloves that I need to get back to wearing).

I look forward to continuing to change and hopefully it’s all for the best.

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