Me (and B) at my first solo show in February 2020 at Vasli Souza in Oslo, Norway.

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. I’m an artist who mainly works with photography, video, performance and dance.

Me in Liverpool Women’s Hospital at the end of a 4 night stay with B.

I decided to set up this blog in June 2020 after giving birth to my daughter, my first child who I will refer to as B. I do not plan to show her face.

Young Jocelyn Freya.

Jockey Greys is a suggested autocorrection of Jocelyn Freya – my first two names – that I remembered whilst trying to think of a name for the blog.

29 weeks pregnant in a photo from my pregnancy project Waiting For Things In A Time When You Rarely Wait For Things.

It’s early days, but I plan to post my work (I documented my pregnancy and am making a new series about motherhood), and to share my experiences as a new mother, as well as talk about anything and everything else that interests me.

On our wedding day in 2018 at our local registry office.

My husband, Tiago, also plans to contribute from time to time, with thoughts on fatherhood, recipes and whatever else he feels like sharing.

Tiago moved to London for 3 months in 2008 after finishing his degree in Audiology in Coimbra, Portugal, and decided to stay in the UK.

I relocated to London in 2010 after finishing my BA in Photographic Art in Newport, Wales.

We met in 2015 (via Tinder), and moved to Liverpool in late-2018. Our plan is to eventually move to the Azores and the island where Tiago grew up, which was when I intially planned to start a blog.

Now to get blogging…

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