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Imitating B’s One Red Cheek (19th December 2020)

Me with one orange cheek, and holding a side ponytail.
Imitating B’s One Red Cheek (19th December 2020)

(I wrote this post on 19th December.

I used a sample of blusher that I got with some makeup I ordered on a post-birth high. The blusher was more orange than the red I expected it to be, and I haven’t really worn the other makeup that I bought.

You can also see a little scratch from B on my face.)


It seemed to get really bad around the day that Tiago was driving a van load of our stuff to Birmingham. Typical.

#SheStillDoesNotHaveAToothToShowForItAllButMaybeOneIsNearlyHere #SheUsuallyHasTwoRedCheeksWhenItIsAtItsWorst #ButTheOtherDaySheHadJustOneForTheFirstTime

I am thinking that because of the one red cheek that one is going to come through on that side first? Who knows.

#IUsuallyGiveHerSomeTeethingPowderDuringTheDay #IWouldNotHaveThoughtItWouldWorkButAFriendRecommendedIt

We use the Ashtons & Parsons ones (no, I’m not making money for the recommendation).

My Mum said she never used them as she thought they wouldn’t work, but she’s really impressed by them.

#AndThenAtNightIfItSeemsBadIWillGiveHerParacetamol #SheWokeUpALotLastNightSoIProbablyShouldHaveGivenHerSomeMore #IWishSheCouldCommunicateAndLetUsKnowIfSheIsInALotOfPain #IJustDoNotWantToGiveHerTooMuchParacetamolUnnecessarily

I really don’t like taking medications unless I feel quite bad. I shouldn’t make B suffer though. If she seems in pain I will give it to her. I think I got put off by my Mum saying that some people just give it to their kids to make them sleep through the night. Obviously I want B to sleep through the night, but I didn’t want to feel like I was just trying to drug her.

#MyPlanToGetUpAt7ishHasNotBeenGoingSoWellTheLastCoupleOfDays #TypicallyWeAlwaysSeemToGetUpLateOnDaysWhereWeNeedToBeOutOfTheHouseInTheMorning

It’s been months since I’ve set alarms and used the snooze button. Snooze is my best/worst friend again…

#YesterdayIReadAnArticleAboutMotherhoodAndArtistsAt2amAndCouldNotSleepAgainUntil5am #MyBrainWouldNotStopThinkingAboutIt

Do Female Artists Have to Choose Between Motherhood and a Career?‘ by Hettie Judah.

I’m currently writing an article about how my art practice has changed since having a baby and I just kept sending myself notes and thoughts.


I guess from what I’ve heard people do not take you seriously as an artist if you make a lot of work about motherhood. This also seems rubbish though as everyone is born in some way and so many people are mothers.

#ButItIsAHugeNewPartOfMyLifeAndSoItSeemsLikeAnObviousThingToDo #EspeciallyWhenMyWorkIsALotAboutProcessingMyThoughtsAndFeelingsMostOfTheTime

I like to think that my work is helpful for other people. I have had some Dads tell me how they’ve found this project and/or my pregnancy one useful.

It’s all a nice record for me too. I can’t believe how much B has grown and it’s been a blur. My pregnancy feels like a past life already, so it’s nice to be able to trigger memories and things through my work.

#IHaveBeenFeelingFineMentallyStill #ThoughOnDaysWhereItRainsAllDayIDoFeelALittleStuckIndoors

Oh winter. Though yesterday I did just brave a trip out in the afternoon to return something.


During the class it started to POUR.

#EveryoneHadTheirBabiesInChristmasOutfits #IManagedToPutBInSomethingOtherThanAOnesieButSheLookedLikeSheWasDressedForEaster #AtLeastIHadRedAndGreenSocksOnButTheyWereWatermelonRelated #IAmNotTooFussedAboutChristmas

Yeah, no Christmas clothes for B. Maybe when she’s older and likes Christmas but at the moment I’m really not bothered.

We need to sort out what we’re having for food and things, but I’m also not fussed. Think we’re just going to get lots of snack foods. We had some good cheese and pickle bites the other day.


It looks like the Government is backtracking on people meeting up too. When they announced that we could I knew it was too early.

#IHaveAlreadyGivenHerHerChristmasPresentAsIDidNotSeeThePointOfWaiting #SheLikesTheMonkeyPuppetThatTheTeacherInYesterdaysClassUses #WeWereWaitingForTiagoToPickUsUpAndIMentionedThatIWantedToGetBOne #TheTeacherSellsThemSoIGotHerOneAndGaveItHerInTheCar

Hurrah. That was super easy. I had looked for one the other day, but didn’t like any. At the first class B was absolutely transfixed by it.


It is a lot of work. so I’ll have strong hands in no time. Maybe then I should go bouldering…

This post has been fuelled by Agnes Obel’s song Broken Sleep.

Me dancing to the song (made since I wrote this post).

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