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I Smacked My Nose Round The Corner Of A Wall (9th September 2020)

I Smacked My Nose Round The Corner Of A Wall (9th September 2020)

(I wrote this post on 9th September.)


Tiago blamed sleep deprivation, but it was just me not being careful.

#BHasNotBeenSleepingWellForAWeekOrSo #SheUsedToPutHerselfToSleepForSomeNaps #AndNowSheJustCriesWhenIPutHerInHerCot

There had been a few long nights…

We usually do a dream feed, but the night before she did not sleep for hours afterwards so we thought we would skip it. She woke up by herself at 10.30pm, but at least I had got some sleep so when she didn’t go back to sleep for over two hours I wasn’t losing it like the night before. I ended up feeding her and she fell asleep on me, then stayed asleep when I put her in her cot.

#SoYesterdayWeWatchedSomeVideosOnSleepTipsAndSheManagedToSleepFor5HoursForTheFirstTimeInAges #SheDidWakeUpButSheManagedToGoBackToSleep

Tiago said she woke up at 2am, but he just gentled rocked B’s chest and she went back to sleep. Apparently I woke up but I don’t remember it. They tend to wake up between sleep cycles, so the tips were about not rushing to feed them and trying other things first. They also said that no one really sleeps through the night, but we just learn how to go back to sleep.

Also, it still felt like I had only been asleep for 5 minutes.


It also said the first nap of the day is usually the easiest. I have found this to be true, which is why I try to do the first one in the cot and then take her for a walk in the afternoon.

#SoThisMorningTiagoPutHerDownForANap #SheWasTalkingToHerselfSoIWentInToCheckOnHerAfterAWhile

I put her dummy back in, but I should have just left it.

#ThenIWentToLeaveButSawAMilkBottleLidOnMyBedsideTableSoILeantAroundTheCornerToPickItUpAsIDidNotWantToBeInHerFieldOfVision #ItHasBeenThereForAWeekButObviouslyTodayIHadToPickItUp #ThenWhenIStoodBackUpStraightAndWentToMoveAwayAtTheSameTimeISmackedMyNoseRoundTheWallCorner


#TiagoWasInTheNextRoomSoISaidDidYouHearThat #ThenIJustKneeltDownAndPutMyHeadOnTheFloorHalfLaughingHalfCrying #TheNoiseWasSoLoud #TiagoSaidHeThoughtItWasTheSoundOfASwitchAndThatHeThoughtIHadBeenElectrocutedALittleOrSomething #IWasCryingInShockMoreThanAnythingButIWasWorriedThatIHadBrokenMyNoseAndIWasLaughingAtMyStupidity

It was a proper smack. I could not believe that I did it…


I never think about things like this, so it’s good that he did.


Of course I had to do a shoot. Without the towel my nose just looked a bit pink, but I might take more photos if it gets worse. I hope it doesn’t though…

(Note: It got worse, but I didn’t take a photograph of it – well it does feature in other photos I guess.)


I had it tied with another towel, then I tried to use a headband. Tiago replaced the ice with a bag of beans but it was too awkward, so I got something that is meant to be put on your boobs for pain relief. It shapes to my nose a bit better, but I think the initial ice was the best thing.


The thing with babies is you never know how they will react, so it’s so easy afterwards to say ‘I should have done this’. Also Tiago looked after her whilst I had a bit more of a sleep, so I didn’t really know how long she had been trying to sleep for etc.


I try to follow some kind of schedule, but I need to read her cues more. For me the most obvious sign is still when her eyebrows go pink.


My back is starting to hurt. Will have to try to put her down to sleep in the cot next time, otherwise I’ll take her out for a walk.

#IHaveALittleCutOnMyNoseAndBHasOneTooFromScratchingHerNoseTheOtherNight #WeHadCutHerNailsButWeNeedToGetBetterAtFilingThem

I usually cover over her hands with the built in mittens in her onesies, but as she sucks her hands more now I think it is good to leave them uncovered sometimes so she can self-soothe. However, her hands get quite cold and I think this is why she wakes up sometimes.

(Note: We now swaddle her during naps/sleep at home, so we don’t have this issue so much at the moment. When she starts to roll over in her cot then we won’t be able to swaddle her anymore though.)

The nail file is so awkward, I find it harder than the scissors.


I should probably keep the ice on it more, but it’s a bit annoying. Okay, okay, I’ll put it back on.

#TheGoodThingIsWithThisEraOfTheFaceMasksIsThatICanJustPutOneOnWhenIGoForWalksAndNoOneWillSeeMyBigRedNose #SomeOfThePicturesFromTheShootLookLikeIHaveJustFashionedABigFaceMaskForMyselfOrLikeItIsBreathingApparatus #IMightStillGetSomeWeirdLooksAsSomePeopleDoNotLikeToWearThemButAtLeastPeopleUnderstandWhyOthersDoWearThem

I wear masks in shops and inside places, but I don’t while walking – though I think this will change today. Shops don’t seem to tell people off for not wearing face masks. Some restaurants have all staff everyone wearing masks or visors, whilst others don’t have them on. It looks like the rules are changing again anyways.

(Note: Now we have local lockdown and we have to wear masks in communal spaces in the building we live in. A lot of people still don’t seem to, but I do.)


The joys of parenthood. Everyday is a school day.

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