Oh Me, Oh Mãe Oh Me, Oh Pai

My First Attempt At Barbering (28th June 2020)


My First Attempt At Barbering (28th June 2020)



My First Attempt At Barbering (28th June 2020) II
My First Attempt At Barbering (28th June 2020) III

Well I cut Tiago’s hair on 28th June, even though hairdressers reopened on 4th July. We were being careful about going to places and I think Tiago was a bit wary of going somewhere to get his hair cut.

I felt inspired after mentioning in an Instagram story that he needed his hair cut, and receiving a few replies along the lines of ‘do it yourself’.

There is an hour between the before and after photos.

Tiago says why couldn’t I have taken an after photo without hair all over him, but it was nearly 11pm when I took them. I’m surprised we got through it without B waking up and I think I just wanted to tidy up and go to bed.

He asked me to crop the first after photo so his nipples wouldn’t be on show, so I cropped the before too to make them as similar in size as I could for a side by side comparison.


His hair and beard were both getting too long though… I thought it would be really weird adjusting to his new look, but it felt pretty normal straight away.

Usually when he has his hair cut I don’t like it as it has that just cut look about it – you know too neat. I think because I didn’t know how to give it that proper just cut though I liked it straight away. I’m definitely not great at cutting hair, but it wasn’t bad for my first attempt!


I’m always nervous before doing things for the first time. I feel like this applies to all areas of my life, but more recently with having a baby. Everything I did in hospital I’m very comfortable with, but things I hadn’t done – breastfeeding lying down, washing her, bathing her etc – I’m either still building my confidence with or haven’t mastered yet. Everyday I’m getting more confident with mothering though.


We did laugh for a long time…


The feeling about the bad energy has passed. I also remembered that I have had a cyst on my head for over a year. It doesn’t look like it is going anywhere and my hair hides it a bit at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be cutting my hair off anytime soon. A tidy up would be good though.

I’ve been going to the same hairdressers on and off since I was a kid. I’d love to get a haircut and show them B, but I think if I go I will have to go alone because of restrictions. Plus the chances of her sleeping through the appointment would be small I think – she’s capable of it but with timings and random factors it’s never guaranteed.

I feel inspired to book an appointment though (thanks blogging) and maybe they can just see B outside from a 2m distance?

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Oh Me, Oh Pai

Tiago’s First British Father’s Day

This morning’s big idea (whilst listening to Keycard by Sebastian Maschat & Erlend Øye with Clara Cebrián for the 100th time) was to create a new category called Oh Me, Oh Pai.

I think it makes sense for Tiago (Pai – which means Dad and rhymes with pie) to have his own category/project, though I guess it will grow a lot slower.

I just told him that I’ve done it and asked him to guess the name. He said Oh Me, Oh Mãe. I said ‘No, Oh Me, Oh…’ and pointed at him.

Tiago: Dad…. T…..

Me: Pai

T: I was nearly there…

(Oh Me, Oh T would have also worked to be fair – maybe that’s a future project or a name for the pictures I’ve taken of us together in the past. Thanks for the inspiration Tiago.)


Tiago’s First British Father’s Day

#FathersDayInTheUKWasOnThe21stJuneIn2020 #ITookThisPhotoThenAsIKnewIWantedToDocumentTheOccasion #FathersDayInPortugalIsOn19thMarchEveryYear #TiagoDoesNotReallyCareMuchAboutTheDay #ThoughMaybeHeWillOnceBGetsOlderAndCanUnderstandWhatItIsAbout #IDoNotLikeTheCommercialSideOfItButIThinkItWillBeANiceTimeToSayThanksToTiagoInTheFuture #AnywaysItIsNow31stJulyAsIHaveNotWantedToBotherTiagoAboutWritingHashtags #AndIKnowHimBeingInterviewedByMeIsNotHisFavouriteThing #ButThisMorningIAskedHimQuestionsWhilstHeBoiledSomeEggs
#BeforeIWasPragmaticAndRationalAndNowIAmMoreEmotional #MyEmotionsComeUpQuickerAndIReactFaster
#ThePictureIsARepresentationOfAWonderfulTimeWeHad #HeThenMadeTheseLittleWeirdSoundsThatWeMakeWhenWeFindThingsCute #TheNoiseIsSomeKindOfMixOfADogAndAWolfIThink #InTheFirstWeekOfBeingHomeIKeptTellingTiagoHeWasChangingHerNappiesWrong #HeGotUpsetAsHeHadNotBeenShownInHospitalLikeIHad #IThenGotUpsetAsIHadUpsetHimAndWeCriedTogether

So this is ‘Tiago’s First British Father’s Day’. It could have just been called ‘Tiago’s First Father’s Day’, but like the hashtags say Portugal has Father’s Day on 19th March every year and I guess I’ll document that day too.

I like how they have it on the same day every year (though I find it odd seeing that it will be on a Friday next year) as I never know when Mother’s and Father’s Day in the UK is. Mother’s Day in Portugal looks like it is the first Sunday in May, so it doesn’t have a fixed date? Interesting.

(Just went to put Portuguese Father’s Day in my calendar and noticed it’s the same date that we got engaged. Well, we were just sitting in bed the morning after going to a party where someone said they thought we’d get married next, and we said shall we get married? I think that’s pretty much all there is to the story…)

I haven’t included any outtakes as the other pictures from the shoot look pretty similar. From now on I’ll probably only share outtakes that I REALLY like. I feel like I’ve been sharing some that aren’t worthy and it takes time sorting through them.

I chose the photo where B’s face is really in focus, but I don’t want to put her face on the internet. I’ve probably talked about it before (I know I have in the hashtags of a pregnancy photo), but so much about me and my life is on the internet that I don’t want her face or name has to be on it. She deserves some privacy as she can not consent, though I guess me talking about her and her being in my dance videos is a bit debatable. (In the videos she is in a carrier facing me.)

I’ve put a blue dot over her face for now, though I’d like to experiment with other ways to hide her face. I was thinking about reworking this photo at some point, but perhaps the dot will stay. I quite like it as she is so small in the photo anyways and I took the blue from the bean bag. That bean bag has come in quite useful for feeding her on, but it’s just difficult to get up from afterwards…

I feel like there’s not much more to comment on with the hashtags as they’re mainly by Tiago. I am hoping at some point he will write a post about fatherhood. Him crying because I broke his confidence was a low moment in the early days. I still feel bad about it. I’d been in hospital for 4 nights and I was nervous about changing nappies, but I came home fairly confident about it. I showed him a couple of times and then just kept correcting him… We were both quite tired.

I talked to him about the hashtags the night before I wrote them and he was being very poetic. I wish I had wrote them down. Something about a tsunami of something (to do with emotions).

He is a really good Pai though. I saw a guy with a kid on his shoulders yesterday who were having a great time. I can’t wait to see Tiago and B interacting like that.

I asked Tiago if he wants to add anything else. He just said that it’s a good picture. I’m not so sure about the right side of the photo, but that’s what I got for not using flash as I wanted to protect B’s eyes, which is way more important.

As you can’t see, I thought I should say she is asleep in the picture. Just like she is now on Tiago’s legs (or now on my lap as I am checking it over one last time before posting).

Happy belated Father’s Day to T and all the other Dads and father figures out there!

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